Over the fog

2 p.m. Today we paid a visit to Ivano, a friend that bought an old house on the Gypsum Mountain. Ivano is working in Carné Park and finally decided to project his own guest house. What a view over the fog. But who is garding the place? Artica, Ivano’s wolf!

fog (1)

Till now also Porcaticcio has been blessed  with full sun and bright stars in the night, while a little more down to the plain the fog is deleting colors and light.


Such a mild November!

Apennines, 18°C degrees, isn’t that amazing on 12th November ! Our mood is quite high after 10 days full sun and such a mild temperature. Our Dutch guests were really lucky to book this week. We normally do not rent in November, but we are changing our mind and adapting to the gifts of Nature. Enjoy these warm colors.


Last April our Bacio was father again! The female dogs of our neighbour Pierangelo are too attractive for him and they are all quite free to walk from one house to the other, so … When we decided to pay a visit to Pierangelo, we fell in love right away with Spotty (“Macchietta”). It was time to have another dog, a daughter of Bacio! As all lively puppies she is taking our shoes, grabbing and making a mess with the toilet paper, figthing with an empty plastic bottle (like Bacio …). A new sparkling life in Porcaticcio di Sopra. Spotty has now been with us for one and a half month and doubled her size and weight. Enjoy a few picture!

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Discovering Senio River

Last Sunday I joined an excursion to discover the head of Senio and walk along the river. A beatiful day in the forest, with the music of water in the head and its purity in the eyes.  I also had a bit of adventure, as I never tried a descent with harness before. Well … I loved it! Andrea is a perfect guide, offering a safe adventure and interesting information about the environment and its history.

Snow in Porcaticcio

neve 2014


Good Morning Snow! It is always a nice emotion to wake up and see this landscape. Boots, gloves and a warm jacket and we are ready for a little walk to enjoy the view. By the way, Bacio, our border collie, is always the happiest one.