Porcaticcio, the perfect escape!

Secluded in the forest of the little Senio Valley, Porcaticcio was the perfect escape for many travelers in 2020 after an unexpected and heavy lock-down. They felt secure and found relaxation from corona virus danger and a claustrophobic time.
Last summer our Booking.com guest reviews took Porcaticcio from 9.4 to 9.6 points out of 10. And last but not least, summer 2021 is already half booked from Northern European couples and families.
We are looking forward to hosting them and share with them our little paradise!

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Shining snow!

We have been living in Porcaticcio since 2007 and snow has always surprised us with its beauty in February. Here it is! Then the spring sun will melt it fast.

Enjoy Porcaticcio in white!

Village Art in Casola Spring Festival


For more than a century 3 groups of villagers have been competing in Casola Valsenio to win an ambitious recognition: the most attractive and interesting allegorical creation with living statues posing on artistic plaster architectures. A day and a night parade transform via Roma in a magic world made of fantasy, beauty and philosophy. All generations take part to the event.

Enjoy a few shots and let us know your opinion!



Forgotten fruits

Another autumn is bringing the well-known Forgotten Fruits Festival in Casola Valsenio (1st and 2nd week of October). Villagers and farmers are setting up colorful food stands to delight and attract our interest and taste.

They offer jams and cakes made with fox pears, pomegranates, quince apples and pears, blackthorn and jujube fruits. They also sell plenty of fresh fruits from their gardens.

Enjoy some shots!

A brand new video by Cornelis

Cornelis’ latest experiment is a drone flight over Porcaticcio and a few nice spots of our valley. Here is the result. Still to learn and improve, but this is Cornelis’ first step to show you our paradise from a different point of view. Enjoy!


spring015 006

Snow and blossoms

neve 3 marzo 2016

March 3rd. Temperature fell to 3°C this morning and it started snowing. Peach trees in front of Porcaticcio are already full with pink flowers, actually one month in advance. Tomorrow 14°C degrees and full sun are expected again!

The red room

We present you our new RED ROOM … the last bedroom of a 8-year renovation.

A total work that Cornelis started last August: floor, walls, roof and decoration. A few old beams suggested him the idea to create a romantic unique double bed.

The red room can host up to 3 guests in La Casa-Torre. The apartment is now complete: 2 bedrooms, a wide bathroom, a living room and a kitchen, all of them with our original touch.

Castiglioncello ruins


On 26th December Cor, Bacio, Spotty and I visited the ancient ruins of Castiglioncello in the Santerno Valley, just half an hour from us. A charming little hamlet that made us dream. Would it be in Tuscany – actually it is! – but closer to Florence or Siena, it would now be totally renovated with a Spa and a 4 star accomodation, for sure! Fortunately it is not, but the need to save it from a progressive natural decline is there!

We took some shots to make you dream too!


Over the fog

2 p.m. Today we paid a visit to Ivano, a friend that bought an old house on the Gypsum Mountain. Ivano is working in Carné Park and finally decided to project his own guest house. What a view over the fog. But who is garding the place? Artica, Ivano’s wolf!

fog (1)

Till now also Porcaticcio has been blessed  with full sun and bright stars in the night, while a little more down to the plain the fog is deleting colors and light.