About us

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From India to the Senio Valley

We are a Dutch-Italian couple. Cornelis is a professional sculptor and painter (see also artcornelis.com) and I am a communication consultant and a yoga teacher.

Our story started in India in 2006 where we met. I stepped into Cornelis’ garden, attracted by his original house. A coup de foudre. Cornelis moved to Italy the same year and we started to plan our common future.

Our passion for nature and old stone houses took us to Porcaticcio di Sopra, a big mansion abandoned for many years. We fell in love with the place right away and we decided to start our project of restoration and vacation rental in Emilia Romagna. Giving new life to Porcaticcio is a great satisfaction and now we like to share our paradise with our guests.

Four beloved animals are living in Porcaticcio Holiday Home: Bacio, a special border collie, Spotty, his lively daughter, Arturo and Tessa, our pretty cats.