Shining snow!

We have been living in Porcaticcio since 2007 and snow has always surprised us with its beauty in February. Here it is! Then the spring sun will melt it fast.

Enjoy Porcaticcio in white!

Published by Cornelis

I'm a Dutch artist (sculptor and painter). After living a decade in South India, I settled with Gabriela in Porcaticcio di Sopra, Casola Valsenio, Emilia Romagna, Italy. This is our paradise. You are welcome!

4 thoughts on “Shining snow!

  1. Very pretty! The dogs surely like the snow, do they?! How’s the temperature? In the newspaper they said that it can be -40 degrees in northern Italy…

    1. Ciao Sirpa! It is -4 now. Do not trust media, they really exaggerate to attract audience and make us scared.
      Some snow is good here, more water in summertime and less moscquitoes 🙂

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