Last April our Bacio was father again! The female dogs of our neighbour Pierangelo are too attractive for him and they are all quite free to walk from one house to the other, so … When we decided to pay a visit to Pierangelo, we fell in love right away with Spotty (“Macchietta”). It was time to have another dog, a daughter of Bacio! As all lively puppies she is taking our shoes, grabbing and making a mess with the toilet paper, figthing with an empty plastic bottle (like Bacio …). A new sparkling life in Porcaticcio di Sopra. Spotty has now been with us for one and a half month and doubled her size and weight. Enjoy a few picture!

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Published by Cornelis

I'm a Dutch artist (sculptor and painter). After living a decade in South India, I settled with Gabriela in Porcaticcio di Sopra, Casola Valsenio, Emilia Romagna, Italy. A little paradise. You are welcome!

One thought on “Spotty

  1. Dear Gabriela and Cornelis!
    Thanks a lot for the fotos. It is very , very fine to look at them.
    Our stay at your place will be ever in our memory, and when I look at Bacio I can feel that I know him. This is very special because I have no relationships to dogs in daily life, but the trip at your place when Bacio accompanied us will be unforgotten.
    We would love to visit you and your place again and we are looking very forward for this occasion –
    best regards and love
    Elfi and Franz

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